sabato 14 marzo 2009

SHOCK - Shock !!!

320K Artwork Included
By Request !!! A grande richiesta, la discografia completa di questa sottovalutatissima grande band del primo punk californiano.

6 commenti:

  1. bellisimo.....

    thank you very much

  2. Do you have some more rave up records (out of stock) ?

  3. drpunkenstain16 marzo 2009 13:01

    cheers...I've got already both singles by Shock and i can't tell which one is better one and it's nice to see posted more stuff from them...I'd like to hear'em but i need password!!'hanx and keep goin'...

  4. drpunkenstain, Password is: boobalooba thanx for your comment

    Topper, sorry, not so much for Rave Up rarities, anyway send me your requests, maybe i got something you're looking for

  5. drpunkenstain18 marzo 2009 01:24

    'hanx,what a great stuff!also some info for Topper:I've got mostly originals Rave Up release but rather support the label and buy their release then share it thru the web...

  6. Punkenstain, i buy whatever i can from rave up.....Bought the Features today....Floozy etc.But the Doubt is out of stock and i'm looking for this one